Any Given Tuesday


Dan, a grieving father, remembers the moments before the incident involving his son Ben while driving down the same stretch of road. The memories and, another unfortunate event, leads to a discover and ultimately, for Dan, some closure.

My thesis film at Syracuse University, Any Given Tuesday, started as merely a challenge to myself. To write, direct, and shoot a short film. What it became however was more of a chapter of my life, securing mostly genuine moments all surrounding the film.
Anthony Grasso - Dan
Ty DeMoya - Ben
Special Thanks To
Akarsh Triedi 
Chris Grenier
Kyle Barnett
Margaret Grenier
Grace Grenier
Carol Graves
Ann Wendrick
Tina Clements
Cary Black
Sarah Hecker-Grenier
Doug Young
Klaudia Cieslak Wu
Hope Ray
Magdalen Grenier
Dominique Grenier
Matt & Kimmy Grenier
Bryan McGee
Lisa Procanick
Brian Goldblatt
Craig Hecker
Tom & Karen Phillips
Forrest Vreeland
Mark & Deborah Grenier
Jennifer Whittall
Alex Mendez Giner
Vasilios Papaioannu
Miso Suchy